Grouped Housing.

Creating neighbourhoods.

Group housing involves four or more homes on larger or amalgamated blocks of land. 

This is a larger property development opportunity that can deliver affordable homes in popular areas, achieve good rental yields and higher profit margin potential. Building multiple houses allows for innovative thinking and the ability to create a unique and desirable neighbourhood.

It is important to build homes that people will want to purchase, so cost and design must be carefully balanced to target specific market demographics. Grouped housing utilises shared internal driveways with some dwellings facing the street so it is important to consider the various designs and layouts in order to achieve the best amenity and cost benefit for the development. Our team is renown for its forward thinking and is able to provide resolutions and designs that most builders cannot.

We are thoroughly experienced in working through any council or planning regulation issues, so we can help you with that and work through the solutions together. 

Confidence in your planning. 

It may be your first time developing a home or you may be an experienced developer extending your portfolio. Either way we have the advice and expertise to help. With over 20 years of experience in planning and developing homes across Australia, we understand the risks, opportunities and issues that developers can face and bring the knowhow to help you maximise the benefits and avoid any pitfalls. Rest assured, we will guide you through the process with con dence.

We can offer: 

  • Consultation on the potential and options available for the specific site
  • Assistance with finance and professional home equity advice
  • Fast turnaround time
  • A meaningful schedule that allows you to plan ahead and budget
  • In-house interior design and selections
  • Assistance in finding a buyer for new homes

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